Thanks a Million

There’s a million reasons to love his sock

This article by Lisa Rutledge, Times Staff, appeared in the Cambridge Times June 14, 2007.


Somewhere in the world, someone is wearing a famous pair of socks. In fact, one could say that a person’s feet are one in a million.


Cambridge textile firm Simcan Inc. is celebrating after producing the millionth pair of its popular Comfort Sock, a specially designed sock to give those who suffer from health issues happy feet once again.


Although the company recently hit the major milestone, Simcan president Jim Simmons regrets not saving that millionth pair of socks as a token of the achievement. The pair, he said, was shipped out to one of the company’s hundreds of retail clients and has likely been sold.


“Somewhere out there someone is wearing that millionth pair of socks,” he joked.


Although he can laugh about the whereabouts of the socks, producing the foot-friendly apparel is serious business.


In the past four years, sales of the sock have skyrocketed 670 per cent, taking a major foothold over in the specialty hosiery market.


The Comfort Sock was invented about 11 years ago to help those with health problems such as diabetes, edema and even swelling during pregnancy.


Its cross-stretch design and all natural fibres don’t apply pressure to the toes, foot or leg making it more comfortable to wear, explained Simmons.


After marketing the specialty sock at health fairs and major retailers, the clothing item can be found in big and small stores right accross Canada, the United States, in England and even Australia. Its full line of “health brand” socks have been endorsed by the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association.


“We seem to have found the right recipe it takes to provide an attractive product.”


And sales continue to boom with three to five independent stores placing orders every week.


In business for 15 years now, the Cambridge corporation has experienced growth of about 20 pe cent overall for all its branded products.


Not only are the socks good for the feet, they’re also good for the community at home and abroad. Due to the company’s stringent quality standards, any less than perfect products are donated to local charities or are sent via local organizations to places like Guatemala.